Elizabeth's Friends!
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Elizabeth & Aleena Miller, June 15, 2005; at the Miller's home in CA.


Hannah (SMA 1-9 yrs old), sis Eliza & brother Ian.


Devin Arnold, 3 years old, SMA Type 1


Charlie S (Type 1 SMA)
and his cool yellow shoes

Sophia S, SMA Type 1

Allyson K, SMA Type 1

Ava R, SMA Type 1

Brianna M, SMA Type 1+

Ethan T, SMA Type 1

Hayden M, SMA Type 1+

Mathieu Type 2  SMA and his brother Nick

Kyle G, SMA Type 1

Ian Paul  SMA Type 2/3. Ian makes me laugh. I see him at Stanford when I go out there for my visits sometimes. He keeps telling me he is going to marry me. I keep saying "No your not!!" .

Madison R, SMA Type I

Me and my new friend, Jacob, in Stanford

My friend, Annah

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