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Video of Jacob's Daily Respiratory Treatments

Disclaimer: This is what we chose to do with Jacob. Each child, with or without SMA, is different. Please consult your physician before using any of the equipment shown in this video. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Sincerely, Jacob and family

Synchrony Bipap

Jacob is on bipap at night and sometimes during the day.  His settings are 15/5 with a 
backup rate of 30. If Jacob gets sick, he is on bipap 24:7 to give his little body a break. 
The bipap is essential not only for giving Jacob a rest at night, but for therapy to ensure 
his lungs are completely inflated and all areas receive oxygen.

Inspiration Nebulizer.

We use Jacob's nebulizer in the morning to give him his Pulmicort and Xopenex inline with the bipap. 
If you look at the bipap picture you will see the adapters we use to get the nebulizer inline. 
We also use the nebulizer if we need to give him treatments during the night due to illness.


The Intermittent Positive Pressure Breathing Machine is used to deliver Jacob's medications at night,
and to give him internal CPT during the day.  He is given 3 mL of saline through the IPPB at the
start of each treatment during the day, which helps to moisten his lungs and loosen secretions to 
be coughed out during the Cough Assist.

Pulse Oximeter

The pulse oximeter is on Jacob 24:7 and helps us to monitor his oxygen levels.  
If Jacob falls below 97, it is indicative of a blockage of his airways.  Jacob 
usually "SATS" at 99-100% when he is well.  We also monitor his heartrate with 
this machine and a continually high heart rate for Jacob tells us something is 
going on with him, be it an infection or simply he is unhappy with his 

DeVilBiss Suction Machine
This is probably the most used machine in Jacob's repertoire.  Jacob cannot clear
his own secretions from his mouth and throat and so we use a suction machine 
regularly to clear his secretions for him.  He is very tolerant of this, although he
doesn't like it.

Cough Assist
The Cough Assist machine is a vital part of Jacob's care.  He is given a respiratory treatment
four times a day which included 4 rounds of 5 coughs with the Cough Assist.  This machine 
pushes in a breath of air and then pulls it out stimulating a cough.  Jacob's settings are 
40/40 with a inspiration time of 2 seconds, an expiration time of 2 seconds and a 1 second
pause.  This enables us to clear her lungs, upper airway and sinuses of any plugs or bothersome 
secretions. The “cough machine” is also an excellent means of expanding the lungs to their fullest, 
and exercising the muscles that surround them.

Kangaroo PET Feeding Pump

"Jacob has a Mic-Key button and is fed through a feeding pump.  Jacob is still 
on Breastmilk primarily, although we do add 2 1/2 containers of Gerbers baby 
food and 4 oz. of pear juice daily.  Jacob is fed at 110 cc/hr 3 times during 
the day, and 50 cc/hr at night.  total, Jacob takes 1050 cc of his food mixture 
daily and approximately 700 calories.


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