My Therapies

Beth is my Occupational Therapist. She is going to work on my fine motor skills. She comes to the house once a week and we play with small toys. She works on touching my face and other parts of my body. I am gaining strength in my hands and arms by working with her. She has some toys that make noise and when she puts them at my feet, I push them to make the noise.  She is very sweet and very nice.

EAR CANDLING: It burns and all the junk in your ear comes out up the candle. The website talks about energy and how it helps your equilibrium.With the ear candle inserted into the ear, the heat from the flame creates a stimulating, soothing, warming effect. The mechanics of this process are energetic in nature. Adding heat to the system, especially in such a subtle way, results in a stimulation of lymphatic drainage (swelling goes down); in burning off excess mucus in middle and inner ear, sinuses and nose (breathing improves); in increasing mobility and effectiveness of the white blood cells (improved immune response). Ear candling strengthens the bodily systems by balancing the energetic system.


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