My Sister, Melanie
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It is hot out here

Scarlett, where did you go?

Using my noodle

Hanging out in the mountains


Ready for school, mom!

I got a ticket from the bus driver

So tired

Being camera shy

What are they doing?

I touched it, can I go now?

Scarlett showing me how to feed the goats

I don't know

See, I can pose too

Scarlett, it is my turn to milk the cow!!

Look how well I do it

I am a flower child of the 2000's

I am an independent woman...I don't need no Mommy...I can go get my face painted by myself...see!

Dorothy & Glinda

I'm Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

Making a Halloween craft, with help

This is an old, old car


Blowing bubbles on Thanksgiving


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