6 Year Pictures
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At Gray's Gang Walk benefiting FSMA

Who dyed my hair?

Swing, batter, batter, swing

My friend, Dani, and I

Checking out another bat

Poor baby...he can listen, but can't quite get his eyes open.

My room at the hospital

With Bucky the Badger

Jake got balloons and a Bucky the Badger from his nurses at home! Thank you Neighborhood Nurses!

Thank you Peyton Lola for our new friend. Jake is hoping Surgical Sam will heal as fast as he is!

Off the face mask and on nasal prongs and sooooooo much happier!

Up for the first time since spinal surgery

With Angela, my friend Garrison's mom

Mommy and me

We will Never Give Up

Princess Merida from Brave, Frankie from Monster High, and a slice of pizza


Happy Halloween 2012

With Mom