Houston - September 2004

First trip to Sea World  - April 24, 2005

Trip to Seattle  - May 25 - May 28, 2005

    We had so much fun on this trip!! Even though they were having record highs. It was as warm there as it was here at home. But, that was a good thing - we were able to do a lot and enjoy our time there.  Grace was quite the trooper and did wonderfully on the planes, in the car and the entire trip.  We definitely wore her out and by the end she was ready to be home. Especially as she was starting to cut in 2 new teeth!

Trip to Mississippi - June 16 - June 19, 2005

    This trip was a lot of fun too! We got to drive our new van there and we followed the others in the RV.  We saw a lot of things, including Grace's Great-Great-Aunt, Sister Mac, and the family tree farm in Grenada, the Grenada Dam, and tombstones and houses of family members. It was trip down memory lane for my mom and aunt, and some family history for the rest of us!