When I asked, "Why did you make her have abnormalities?"
He answered, "Not abnormalities, uniqueness."

When I said, "Why are you doing this to us?"
He answered, "Not doing but allowing."

When I screamed, "I can't live if you take her."
He answered, "I am what sustains you."

When I prayed, "let this cup pass from my lips."
He said, "All works for my will to be done."

When I cried, "She needs her mother."
He whispered, "Only I love her more than you."

When I held her still body and sobbed, "It is over."
He said, "It has only just begun."

When I shook my fist at heaven and yelled, "I am angry at you."
He said, "I know."

When I said, "You don't understand this pain, this loss."
He reminded me, "I, too lost my child, my only child."

When I asked, "How? How can I help anyone when I'm in this pit?"
He said, "Slowly, you will heal and comfort others."