This is Jamie's Bear - This was made especially for Jamie by Pattie Potruff

for being one of the two co-honourees of the 2005 Rebecca Run! Notice that

        there is a Pooh-Bear where the paws come together. Abby Loebach has a bear

 with a little lady bug between the paws! (best friends in heaven)

Thank you Pattie!!

Everyone Loves the little bear!


Jamie's Quilt

Stitched together by The wonderful people at Coles Quilts

Cross Stitched squares sent from all over Canada, US, Mexico and England!

 Thank You to all who sent in a

square for Jamie's Quilt! 

July 4/05



From Arms of Love

A darling Angel Baby,

Came to visit for a while.

Jamie had laughing eyes

And a beautiful smile.

Her parents so loving,

With so much to give.

The darling little baby

With them came to live.  

I was completely blessed

To hold Jamie near.

The love in her eyes,

So warm, so sincere.

She absolutely owned me,

Love at first sight.  

Jamie touched us all

So bright, a shining light.

From Arms of Love

We send this Angel home.

Lord hold her close,

Please donít let her be alone

From arms of love  

Touch her family I pray.

Fill them with her love,

From above everyday.

From arms of love.  

The new hit me hard  

That cold sad day.

My tears stained my cheeks

As I started to pray.  

Lord I am a sinful man,

I hope you hear my prayer.

Lord you must need Jamie

She is now in your care.  

Now all that is,

Can we comprehend

In faith from Loving Arms

This beautiful Angel we send.

Dave Benson

Jamie's obituary

Rebecca Run for SMA 

July 10 2004 Fairy Lake, Newmarket Ont.

Largest group of  FSMA families ever!

It was such an awesome day. We got to meet alot of other families dealing with SMA. A bunch of kindred spirits! (    



Darlene Lamb's grandson, Adam, died at less than 6 months of age from sudden infant death syndrome. To help Darlene in her struggle with depression, a friend invited her to a lake as a place of refuge, hoping the peaceful setting would give her time for reflection. While taking photographs at dusk, Darlene happened to look at the sky behind her and saw the amazing image of an angel in the clouds. She quickly took the photo you see on this website, one that was to effect her life in many ways. Darlene explains this effect by saying that it taught her "not to give up on life; but to give it up", as she motions towards the heavens.



Our funeral home gave us this picture on cards and on a plaque in memory of Jamie. I was amazed the first time I saw it. I'm still amazed everytime I see it! - K