My Journal-2 Years Old!

If you would like to read stuff about things that happened in my families life before I was born, I'll tell my Mom to include it under "My Family".  Anything my Mom writes is written like this.  Now onto important stuff... ME.


23rd April 2005 -  HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!  We had a great day.  We went for birthday pictures and I was so good!  Mom was really happy.  When we got home Mom ran around like a crazy woman!  My party was so cool!  There were princesses all over the place!  Lots of kids, lots of presents and a really fun feeling in the air!  I got lots of clothes and books, some more gold rings, toys, an outside swing and stuff.  It was a long fun day and I need to catch up on some beauty sleep!  

1st May 2005 - Do you remember how I told you that when I went shopping with Mom and Grandma about 2 weeks ago?  Well we finally went back to Wal-Mart and guess what?  They finally bought me my cabbage patch doll!  I am so happy, I love her so much, but she needs a new name. 

4th May 2005 - We went to the movies again!  I love the movies.  We also went shopping at Zellers, I got 2 new videos and a new cd!  I can't wait to watch them!