Remembering Through Matthew

Matthew has brought a great gift for David and Lisa.
My brother once told me:
"You never really know love
Until you have a child."
I believe him.
But I cannot know it.
I have no children of my own.

David and Lisa know this.
Matthew gave them the gift of knowing love through him.
He also gave them the gift of knowing love
Through family
And friends
And community.

This is the greatest gift anyone can receive.
To know love
In so many ways
Has given David and Lisa the opportunity to know life
Through and open heart.
Life will never be the same for them,
For Matthew has given them the chance to see the world
Through his eyes.
To see it without judgement
As pure joy.

We know David and Lisa have opened up and received this gift.
We know this
Because they have invited us
To share it with them.
Matthew had precious little time here,
And David and Lisa invited us all to share it with them.
Thank you David and Lisa
For allowing us to share your gift.
Thank you Matthew
For bringing the gift.

We know that we as beings never really die.
We only change from our "physical" form.
We grieve that we will never see Matthew
As Matthew in body.
We rejoice when we see Matthew in others,
In every heart that opens,
In every moment we experience joy
In simply being.
We rejoice when we remember
That all there is
Is love.
That we are all love,
And we are all one.
Matthew helped us remember.

Thank you Matthew, David and Lisa
For allowing me the opportunity to remember.

Written by John Holden


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