Family Photos

November 2005

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Christmas_Cactus0002.jpg (147764 bytes)

My beautiful, beautiful cactus!

Christmas_Cactus0003.jpg (105986 bytes)



christmas_shoot_050019.jpg (138790 bytes)

Just a picture

christmas_shoot_050022.jpg (157622 bytes)

Casey loves his Christmas stuffies

christmas_shoot_050005.jpg (157484 bytes)

Our Christmas card photo

mrbearandthanks05R0001.jpg (131633 bytes)

Mr. Bear arrives!

mrbearandthanks05R0003.jpg (108464 bytes)

Colin poses with his new friend

 mrbearandthanks05R0005.jpg (124870 bytes)

Watching TV together

 mrbearandthanks05R0007.jpg (136746 bytes)

Bedtime with Mr. Bear

mrbearandthanks05R0009.jpg (172798 bytes)

Mr. Bear enjoyed playing computer

 dadamrbearcasey.jpg (229558 bytes)

Daddy, Casey and Mr. Bear rocking

gettingreadyforthemovies.jpg (254506 bytes)

Getting ready to go to the movies

readyforthemovies2.jpg (478622 bytes)
gocolinmrbearrocking.jpg (192890 bytes)

Grandpa O'Neill found time to rock with Colin and Mr. Bear

playinggamesonthankx.jpg (248680 bytes)

Playing board games on Thanksgiving Day



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