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19 October 2005

I am getting so excited about my trip.  I can hardly wait to go visit all of my new friends.  Today was a pretty exciting day.

First, we went to send out boxes.  MJ had blankets to send to Owen, Devin, Samantha, and Adam.




After we sent out blankets, MJ had a wheelchair appointment.  MJ got to see her new chair.  They wouldn't let me drive her chair though!  Bummer!  MJ can't wait to get her new chair!  We had Wendy's for dinner.




20 October 2005

Today, Wyatt, MJ's dog was crazy!  MJ's dad went away for the weekend and Wyatt cried.  He sounded funny. 


When MJ woke up, she got  a huge surprise.  Brenda noticed a van in the driveway and went out to see what was going on.  MJ's new bed arrived without warning.  MJ had to get dressed and up for the bed to be set up.  I got to lay with MJ.  Her bed does Chest PT and vibration.  It feels funny.  MJ and I think that if feels like you are sitting on a cloud.  Tonite, I helped Brenda pack up 2 more blankets, for Madelyn and Kaitlyn.  I just wanted to jump in the blanket box and snuggle down.


21 October 2005

Guess what?!? I heard about a cool event going on in Oklahoma next weekend.  They are having a party called Boo-Ha-Ha Days.  I convinced MJ and Brenda to let me leave today to start my adventures.  I am off to visit The Houser Family.  Here I come!!


October 22, 2005


Well, I'm headed out of New York toward Oklahoma.  Rather than take the highway, I think maybe this first time out I'll take the scenic route.  Maybe catch a few sights along the way.  Wonder where I should stop the first day?  I don't want to make any specific stops I guess, because I'm not sure which family I'll be visiting later and if they have any plans to visit there, so maybe I'll just cruise along and get a nice view of all the colors.  I'll try to make it through Pennsylvania today at least.



October 23, 2005


I'm in Ohio today.  I'm getting a little lonely already.  I'm sure glad I have my guardian angel with me.



October 24, 2005


Mars?  Did I make a wrong turn or am I dreaming???



October 25, 2005


Indiana today I'm getting hungry (I think).



October 26, 2005


Today I went through Illinois and Missouri.  I sure hope nobody is missing me.  I think it's time I speed up a bit and get to Oklahoma to see Jensen, Kameron, and Mitchell.  I think I've seen enough on my own for now.  It just isn't as much fun seeing everything alone as it is seeing new things with friends.



October 27, 2005


I've made it through Oklahoma to almost the Texas border - Lawton, Oklahoma.  It's a military town - lots of camouflage here.  Jensen, Kameron, and Mitchell live way out here though (really quiet)



October 28, 2005





HERE I AM!!!  I'm SO glad I made it in time to go with them to stay with their family in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.  They were really surprised to see me you should have seen their faces. 


We stopped at McDonald's on the way to Sapulpa, and we are going to spend the night tonight with their Nana.  Tomorrow is the big parade (lots of candy).  And they gave me my name during my Halloween visit Mr. "Boo" Bear.  I like it! 


October 29, 2005





Nana made us waffles and bacon for breakfast (YUM!!!) and then we went to the mall for a Halloween costume for me so I could wear it to the Boo-Ha-Ha Parade.  Jensen is going to be Mulan and Kameron is going to be Batman.  Mitchell - he said he's just going to be himself (that's scary enough). 



We found my costume at this place called "Build-A-Bear".  Jensen picked out a pumpkin costume for me - it fit perfect!  Then we went to pick up Jensen, Kameron, and Mitchell's Mimi and we went to go eat at a Chinese restaurant before the parade.  Mimi had never eaten Chinese food before!


The parade was a LOT of fun!!!  There were lots of people in costumes, animals in costumes, cars in costumes, everything, everyone, everywhere was in a costume.  And candy lots and lots of candy. 


We went back to Mimi's house and watched movies (Bewitched and Fever Pitch) and ate "mummy" ham-and-cheese sandwiches and dirt cups with gummy worms.  It was a really fun night, but now I'm REALLY tired!!!  We're going to spend the night with Mimi tonight.


October 30, 2005


Mimi made us a yummy breakfast this morning - omelets, ham, and toast.  I'm stuffed!!!  :o) 


We watched t.v. for a little while, but then we decided to make some chocolate candy and chocolate suckers, and Jensen decorated a skeleton cake and some little ghost cakes. 







She even let me try some of the icing! 













I also got to take a ride on their dog, Blue!!!


I also got to go and meet Jensen, Kameron, and Mitchell's Papa and Aunt Jaime.  Papa is building a house all by himself.


But then we had to say goodbye to everybody and drive back to Lawton. 





October 31, 2005


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!  The kids had to go to school today, so I'm getting to sit on Brandi's desk and watch her work while they're gone. 


I think I'm going to have to cut my visit short here though and skip trick-or-treating tonight so I can get to Miss Lily's house in time.


I said goodbye to the kids after school and gave them each a big bear hug and a soft bear smooch and headed toward Miss Lily's house here I come!!!


November 2, 2005

I have made it to Miss Lily's house, it didn't seem to take nearly as long as I thought it would to get from Oklahoma to Kentucky.  Lily and Amy were so excited to see me on their doorstep though and while I was tired Lily wanted to hold me and drive me around the house in her powerchair.  I made sure I told Lily to read my journal to see all the fun things I did with the Houser family.  

I did get to watch a movie called "Rolie Polie Olie" with Lily then we headed off to the Louisville to pick some supplies up for Lily and her machines.  I napped in the van being tired from my trip.   I am excited to be here and from what I understand we are going on a weekend trip to Gatlinburg Tennessee this weekend so I am quite excited.   Time to rest up for a while. 


By the way, Lily told me purple was her favorite color so I used the purple pen.  I think Lily and I am going to be good friends.  



November 3, 2005

Busy day with Amy packing for our trip to Gatlinburg.  I kept Lily company and we had a good day together, we even got to chit-chat about all the things we like.   We are very excited to go on our trip!  I think Lily is excited to be taking me along.  


November 4, 2005

We are settled in our hotel room, boy is it pretty here.  Lily and I had a wonderful ride down, we watched movies, watched out the windows for the trees and cars.  We left around 10am and got to the hotel around 6:30, it took a lot longer because we made a lot of stops.  We were happy to finally get there. 

Lily's mom carried Lily and me outside on the balcony so we could see the pretty creek and all the pretty trees.  We snuggled in with some pizza for the evening.  Do you think I might see a bear around here?  There sure are a lot of bear statues!  

November 5, 2005

Fun day!  Lily was so excited she woke us up at 5:30am.  Amy tried to get her to go back to sleep but she refused.  We ended up getting up and dressed and went out for a walk around 10am.  I loved riding around with Lily on the stroller. 


We walked down to the creek and Amy took some pictures of us on a big rock then we went  to visit Lily's Uncle and Aunt in their room. 


Then Lily and I took a nap in the stroller until we walked down to Gatlinburg.  We did a lot of shopping and I even got a cute pair of socks at a place called Bear Feet Socks.  We walked around for a while then headed back to the room to rest up until the evening.  In the evening we went back down to Gatlinburg to see all the Christmas lights, they were beautiful!  We stayed for a couple of hours then went back to the room to sleep.  

November 6, 2005

Today Lily and I spent the day walking around all the pretty places at the hotel while Amy went to Pigeon Forge to go shopping.  I stayed with Lily's Grandparents for the day. 

We all went back down to Gatlinburg at dark to see the lights again and eat dinner.  We stayed out until 10pm!

It was fun.  Lily's Grandparents took Lily and me back to the room while Amy, Travis, and Dena went and played putt-putt golf, we didn't go to bed until 12am!

Lily and I snuggled down finally and went to sleep.  

November 7, 2005


Nothing much to report.  We left Gatlinburg this morning and drove home.  We left at 11am and got home around 4pm. We have just been relaxing tonight.

November 8, 2005

Boy, it is amazing how tired you get from a trip!  We slept in this morning then had a late breakfast.  I haven't gotten to write about my sleeping arrangements yet but it has been nice.  Lily sleeps with a lamb named Natie who is named after her older brother who is in Heaven so I have my own bed.  I certainly don't mind that Lily sleeps with Natie, I understand completely.  Natie is very nice too and I am glad he keeps Lily company.

Lets see, today Lily took me on a wild ride on her powerchair outside, she is a speed demon!  She loves to bounce around in the yard, it was like being on a ride at an amusement park!  It was fun though and and of course Lily was laughing so that made me smile too.  We all snuggled alot on the bed today too, and I watched Amy and Lily wrestle around on the bed too, but I stayed out of that one.

November 9, 2005

I am packed up to go visit with another family so this is my last day with Lily.  I will be leaving this afternoon from Louisville.  We are planning to go to an appointment then run over to the mall.  I am getting ready to head out now.  We had such a good time together today, the perfect goodbye day.  We went to Lily's AFO appointment then to the mall, it was so much fun!  Lily and I even rode a simulated roller-coaster at the mall!  I gave Lily a kiss and said goodbye.  I am on my way to South Carolina to visit with the Smiths!



November 12, 2005

It was getting late and I was starting to think I'd be stuck in a warehouse till Monday, but the nice mail carrier lady worked overtime and I made it to the Smith's house tonight. They were so happy to see me! I got lots of hugs and kisses. We're planning a trip to the mountains tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm tired from my trip and am going to take a nap.

November 13, 2005

Clemson won yesterday, so I'm writing this with my orange pen. We went to Caesar's Head today (or "Big Rock" as James calls it!)


The views were gorgeous and I've never seen so many colors before!




James and I napped in the back seat on the way there and woke up just in time!


Steven and Andrea bought me a souvenir coin and gave me a brochure all about the mountain, so I'll always remember.

We took lots of pictures too! We stopped at McDonald's on the way home - YUM! Right now, we're watching a football game, but it's half-time, so I took a break to write an update. I'm very tired from our trip to Caesar's Head and really want to get to sleep. I wonder if James will let me sleep with him tonight?


November 14, 2005

James and Andrea talk so much about his "foster grandparents" that I was very excited to meet them. We went up to the local Hardee's (I got sniffed by a big, friendly Golden Retriever named Honey on the way) and ate french fries. We also went shopping for some new cars for James' impressive collection and watched his favorite show: "Max and Ruby." James still won't let me sleep with him, but I think it's because he knows I won't be here forever and he doesn't want to get too attached.

November 15, 2005

Lucky me! Steven had jury duty today but wasn't needed, so he was able to take me on a tour of downtown Greenville! 




We saw all the places where the SMA kids hung out at the first SMA Support Gathering. It was very exciting! Of course, we took lots of pictures. Now we're getting ready to watch a hockey game. I have no idea what that is, but judging from how excited everyone is over it, it must be good!

November 16, 2005

James was misbehaving today and spent a lot of the day in "Time Out", so I hung around with Andrea, watching her write the Angel Times and make a lot of phone calls. We were hoping to go for another walk today, but the weather was so horrible - gray and damp and windy. Oh, well! Tomorrow is supposed to be wonderful, so I'm sure we'll make up for it!

November 17, 2005

Today the weather was much nicer, so I got to go out front and play for a while. James was acting up again, so we didn't get to go to Hardee's, but we got to watch lots of cool movies like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Madagascar instead. I've had lots of fun here in SC, but I have to leave tomorrow or I'll never make it to Casey and Colin's house on schedule! I'm looking forward to the trip - I wonder if it's snowing there yet?

Well, I was hoping for a nice rest while I traveled up north, (James is a BUSY guy) but those UPS workers sent me on a perilous trip! I made it safely though--Phew!

November 23, 2005


I arrived at the O'Neills in Milton Vermont around noon time. OHHHH, it's cold up here! There's snow on the ground, too. The boys were home since it was school break time.

Casey was very happy to see me! Colin was a little unsure at first but then he warmed up to me. We mostly just hung around and got to know each other.


Sue and Gene are the parents and Casey and Colin are brothers who are 8 and 4. They also have a dog named Sasha and a cat named Sister. Gene warned me to stay away from Sasha because she has been known to love to snack on stuffed bears.

November 24, 2005


Today is Thanksgiving! We got to watch the famous Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in our pajamas!

Oh, Casey lent me his friend Teddy Ruxpin's pajamas while I am here. We loved watching all the floats. We especially loved Sponge Bob, Big Bird, and Chicken Little. SANTA CLAUS was on a float at the end of the parade!! Aunt Chris came over early because the weather was supposed to be stormy and she wanted to make sure she could get here. After we got dressed for the day, we played some board games.

We played Candy Land and the Disney version of Sorry. Gene went and picked up Grandma and Grandpa O'Neill. The house smelled sooo good! Lots of cooking going on!

I got to sit at the table with everyone and we all talked and talked and laughed. It's nice to be part of such a cool family. Casey and Colin each made a project telling what they were thankful for. They both included me, Mr. Bear, on their list of things to be thankful for!


We also watched Madagascar. This was the second time I got to see it because I got to watch it with James in South Carolina!! Sue and Gene let us stay up until 8:30 so we could watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

No one wanted to fall asleep because we had such a good day and didn't want it to end!


November 25, 2005

We had a pretty quiet day today. I got to play computer with the boys and Nurse Nancy Lanza. Casey and Colin love to play computer games and now I do, too!

November 26, 2005



Today's highlight was going to the movie theater to see Chicken Little! It was funny! We all laughed and laughed! I think EVERYone should go see this movie! 


November 27, 2005

Sunday is a quiet day around here. Casey likes to sleep in. When he got up we listened to Teddy Ruxpin. Then we watched Madagascar in bed! Sue went out shopping so I stayed home with the boys and Gene. Sundays everyone has to get things ready for school. I had to get ready, too, as I am going to 3rd grade with Casey tomorrow!

Casey was so excited he wouldn't go to sleep. Colin conked out pretty quickly but Casey just kept talking and talking. I had to work my magic with him and I finally snuggled him to sleep!  Oh, Sue picked up some treasures for me.  I have a special Vermont Key Chain, Vermont pencil and some pretty picture postcards so I will always remember my time with the O'Neills.

November 28, 2005

3rd grade is terrific!   Priscilla (Casey's communication facilitator) programmed a button on Casey's DynaVox so he could tell the class all about me.  The kids are all very nice and interested in me.  They learn a lot of stuff in 3rd grade! 


I really enjoyed hanging out with Casey and seeing him talk on his DynaVox.  I also liked driving through the halls in his power chair! 

He doesn't go too fast so I wasn't so scared.  There's always something going on in Casey's class and lots of kids to talk to.  Riding the school bus was an experience, too! 

After we got home from school we got to relax and watch TV.  Casey has to go to bed early during the school week and I understand why! 

November 29, 2005

I had to say good-bye to Casey this morning.  I hugged him and then watched him get on the bus while waving to him from the kitchen window.  I watched a little bit of Sesame Street with Colin and then I had to hug him and say good-bye.  It was sad, but I look forward to meeting another cool family!!  Tomorrow I start my journey to the Pruitts in Kentucky!  It was nice visiting Vermont and meeting the O'Neills but I know I will enjoy myself with the Pruitts.


December 1, 2005

Brrr.  Traveling by USPS is cold this time of year!  Good thing I am dressed in my Tshirt, socks, mittens, hat and wrapped in this nice blanket.  I arrived in Lexington, KY, the home of Danielle "Dani" Pruitt today.  She is 20 months old and full of spunk.  She lives with her dad, Frank, her mom, Beth, and her cat "Bud".  I am glad to arrive in Lexington and get out of this "suitcase".  I was getting a bit claustrophobic.  Everyone keeps leaving more and more neat stuff in my "suitcase" and it seems to be getting smaller and smaller for me.  What neat stuff!  Today I am getting acquainted with the Pruitt family and Dani and I bonded while chewing on straws.

December 2, 2005

My southern drawn is coming back.  It doesn't take long.  Dani and I get up and watch som Jo Jo Circus cartoons (her favorite).  Dani's PT comes and puts her through "boot camp".  Dani is a tough little booger!  We take a nap and then run to the grocery with Dani's mom.  It seems like everyone in Kroger knows Dani.  They all stop to say "hey" and see how she is doing.  Later, Dani's mom has a friend over and we melt a gell, add scent and coloring and make candles in baby food jars, so that Dani and I can decorate Christmas candles.  It is pretty fun but the house now smells like Cinnamon.

December 3, 2005

Dani and I get up, watch a little Jo Jo Circus and then Dani's parents take us Christmas tree shopping.  We have such fun picking out the perfect one, but it is really cold out.  When we get home we decorate the tree with blinking lights, ornaments and ooooops, even me.  While Dani is napping Dani's parents and I put up Christmas lights on the outside of the house.  They look great.  The University of Kentucky men's basketball team loses to N. Carolina so Dani's dad is kinda bummed.  I try to cheer him up. 

After Dani's nap we get ready for Dani's dad's work Christmas party.  We all get to go!  It is really nice with great food and all the people are really excited to see us.  We have alot of fun and when we get home, it is definitely time for bed!

December 4, 2005

Dani and I get up, watch a little Jo Jo Circus and then we start getting ready for a road trip.  We are heading for Cincinnati for a Adventures for Wish Kids event.  It is at King's Island and is called WinterFest.  King's Island is about 2 hours away so Dani and I play a little in the car and then nap the rest of the way.  Once we arrive, we pick up some Santa gifts for Dani and then go to the FestHaus.  The Pruitts take a family picture, Dani gets to choose a toy, we meet the characters Sponge Bob, Lil' Bill, Christmas Fairy and Mrs. Claus and then eat lunch. 

The Pruitts let me have a piece of pizza.  Then I get to meet Emma and Nick Lockwood and their folks.  We have a great time visiting.  Toward the end the Pruitts get their picture taken with Santa.  We then leave to go back to Lexington.  It is a very fun day.

December 5, 2005


Dani's mom finally tells us about Morgan.  We are all very sad.  Dani lights a candle for her.  It hits us all very hard.  We don't know her personally but she sure has such a spark about her.


December 6, 2005

Dani and I get up, watch a little Jo Jo Circus and then Dani's mom reads us some books. Dani loves to read books.  Wonder if she would like books about Jo Jo Circus.  Probably.  It is really cold in Lexington so we don't leave the house.  Tonight Kentucky men's basketball plays again and wins so Dani's dad is happier.  Dani's mom gives Dani and me massages.  It feels great!  I will sleep well tonight.

December 7, 2005


Dani and I get up,  watch a little Jo Jo Circus and then Dani's mom reads us some more books.  Dani can't get enough of those books.  It is still cold outside so we stay in today.  We did work on finishing some of those Christmas candles by gluing red, white and green designs onto them.  I think Dani used my head as a tray :(


We also play one of Dani's favorite games, hide-n-seek.  She gets pretty excited when people get close to finding her.  Dani's mom went to work on her pottery so Dani's dad hangs out with us.  He is pretty cool and Dani likes it when he sings songs with her switch activated tape recorder.  I am enjoying the Pruitts but would like it to be warmer so we could go outside.


December 8, 2005

Well... Dani and I get up - watch a little Jo Jo Circus and then Dani's mom decides we better go to the grocery before the expected storm hits, so off we go. 

It is cold out and everyone is still happy to see us.  We get back to the Pruitt's and its time for Dani's Speech Therapy appointment.  After Dani's nap we read a little, do some exercises, play computer and just do some serious playing.  Boy, Dani sure likes to throw things and make her parents pick them up. 


They fall for it all the time! 

Dani takes a bath, I help, she bounces on the pilates ball, sings a few songs wit her dad, and then its time for bed.  I said goodbye to her tonight because I am going with Dani's dad tomorrow to make sure I start on the next leg of my journey. 



I've had fun here.... but its time to move on.  I'm learning alot and loving every minute of it.  Bye Bye Dani and Hello Fogel family.



December 12, 2005


5 p.m.  Who would have have ever thought going from Kentucky to Ohio would take so long!!  Well, here I finally am, and I think tonight I will rest.  Angel Kaydence's cousins were very curious about all the stuff I brought with m.  I am going to bed early tonight, since I will be a Wal-Mart employee tomorrow.  Night.



December 13, 2005

9 a.m.  Who would have even thought working at Wal-Mart would be so hard?!?! 

Katie, Angel Kaydence's mom, picked me up at 10, and we headed to work. 

She told me we would have such a long day because it was the last day to get Christmas layaway out. 

Everyone really thought I was cute. 

Katie's boss didn't even mind me working with her.  Michelle and Ken got a picture with me as Ken offered me a midnight snack of a sandwich. 

We had such a long night we worked from 10 a.m. till midnight.  Katie put me to bed at Tiff's house, and is getting sleep now.

December 14, 2005

Katie is at home with Tiff and I head to Cincy to meet a new friend named Leah.  Can't wait to tell you about her. 

Okay, so it's 9 a.m. and me and puppy are seatbelted and off on the first day of our trip.  We have to stop and see Tiff's mom because she's got the money.  Man, puppy is scared all she talks about is she hopes Leah is a nice girl. 

I try my hardest to assure her that Leah will love her.  Well, we finally made it here.  Leah is one beautiful baby.  Her mom said she wasn't happy because she just went back on bipap.  We spent awhile just sitting talking and playing.  By the time we were ready to leave, puppy knew Leah would take care of her.  Leah gave me big hugs and kisses to see me safely home.  The trip home was quiet, but with this family I will take the quiet where I can get it.

December 15, 2005

Today we actually did nothing but even when this family stays home you are never bored.  Now I understand why Angel Kaydence was always so happy and smiling.  I am so excited they told me Kaydence's Mamaw is taking me bowling tomorrow.  Wow I can't wait!

December 16, 2005

I have been bugging Tiffany all day about bowling tonight.  She told me after we pick up Tori, then it will be time to go.  Ok.  Strapped into the car seat and ready to go.   So they let me drink tonight!!  I had one of those strawberry drinks.  Man I did not realize how much alcohol was in them things. 


I hope De took many pics cause I have no clue what happened.

December 17, 2005

Oh my head!!  I can't believe they let me pass out on the dash of the car.  Well that will teach me, huh.  So after some black coffee we are off to a fun-filled day of shopping at the mall. 

I can't believe the day we have had.  Elder Bearman's had these great chairs that we thought would be perfect for SMA kids.  Wait till you read our deal on

I'm saying goodbye to the Fogles Sunday.  Snuggles with Leah one more time...

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