What Colin Likes...

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I'm 4-Years-old now!

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I still like my Sesame Street every morning



making my Tarzan yell

listening to books my Fisher Price tape recorder

using my arm sling to play with toys and do art projects

reading books to people using my step-by-step communicator

I have lots of words like:  Dada, Mama, uh-huh, no, moo, boo, ruff, whoooooo (wolf), bye, hi, bra (brother), book, more, flip, Yaaaay!, bed, red, blue, go.  Some of the words aren't really clear, but my mom and dad and nurses know what I'm saying!

making people laugh

blowing kisses

making MEAN faces (I usually end up smiling because people laugh so hard at me)

Of course, I still like most everything else, too!

brushing my teeth with my squiggle brush

oh, I like my pink toothettes, too

I tolerate Sasha!!

books, books, books, especially sound story books, pop-up books and lift-the-flap books

laying on my belly

playing on the computer with my mom

"going" to TV school

putting stickers in my sticker books

doing my Pre-school workbooks

PLAYING and SWINGING in my Make-A-Wish Room!

Waking up with Mama and cuddling in her arms while I'm half asleep and still on my bipap.


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