Austin, My Brother



My family

We are the cutest brothers

Waiting for Santa

Our Family Picture for Christmas 2007

Dad, Roman, and I

Daddy and I

I am so cool

Sweet brothers

Roman's first Christmas

We have got some bling going on

We are too cool

 We are crazy kids


Me and my family


Party time

Hanging out in Boston

Dad and I in Boston

Making friends

Yes, I am part monkey

Let's ride the boat

Kisses for Roman

I am so hot

At the carnival

What did I win?

We are party animals


Playing games

That is sooo cool

More daddy, more

Sparklers are cool

Keep them coming

Best buddies

Just hanging out, having fun

Help me out

Daddy, Roman, and I
in the jaws of a big fish

Stop, don't come see these cool ones

Hanging out with the frogs

Watch what I am doing

Surrounded by fish

No, I am closing your mouth

This is fun

Best Buds

I'm the monster

Family swim time

Water Play

Horsing around

Big ears

Don't splash Roman