My EquIpment

My Ventilator - the LTV 950

This is my ventilator or vent. It helps me breathe by giving me big breaths that I can't take on my own. This vent stays at home.

My Heater for my Vent

This is my heater or humidifier. It attaches to my vent and keeps the air moist and warm when it goes into my lungs.

My Portable Ventilator

My portable vent is the same as my home vent, except it has a bag so I can take it with me wherever I go.

My Electric Suction Machine

This is my suction machine. It helps me get the boogers out of my nose, since I can't blow my nose and my lungs because I can't cough.

My Portable Suction Machine

This is the suction machine that I can take with me. It has a battery inside it so I don't have to be attached to the wall. It does the same job as my electric suction, just when we are out and about.

My Cough Assist Machine

This is my Cough Assist and does exactly what it says. It helps me cough. I don't have strong muscles to cough so this machine simulates a cough by pushing air into my lungs and pulling it back out to get the boogers out of my lungs. With this and my suction machine I am able to stay healthier.

My Pulse Oximeter

This is my oximeter or pulse ox. The oximeter measures the amount of oxygen in my in my blood and my heart rate. It is a little piece of tape that goes around my toe and it doesn't hurt at all. It helps my family and nurses know how I'm doing. If my oxygen is low (below 94), the big green number on the left, we can use my other machines to get the yuckies out.

My Portable Pulse Oximeter

My portable pulse ox does the same job as my regular pulse ox. The portable pulse ox goes with me and runs on batteries.

My Nebulizer Machine

The nebulizer helps me get medicine into my lungs which makes it easier for me to breathe.

My Feeding Pump - the Kangaroo Joey

This is my feeding pump. I can't eat by mouth so this feeds me through a tube in my tummy. I get a special formula that will help me stay strong.

Back Up Battery & Charger

This battery keeps things running in case of a power outage.

Portable Battery

This battery runs my vent when we are on the go. It's nice because it's small and doesn't way very much.

My Splints & Braces

(from top to bottom) Hensinger neck support, back brace or TLSO, wrist splints, and AFOs or foot splints.

My Hensinger Neck Support

This supports my neck when I am sitting up, so that my head doesn't fall over. I don't have head control to hold my head up, the collar keeps my head up so I am able to see everything around me.

My Wrist Splints

These keep my hands in, what the therapists and Mommy call, a neutral position. I think that means the position that is good for my hands to be in, meaning straight. They keep my hands from turning in, so that one day I can drive a power wheelchair.

TLSO or Back Brace

This brace keeps my back nice and straight. I like to sit up like a big boy and this keeps my back straight so I can sit up. The hole on the right side is for my feeding tube, so I can be fed when I'm sitting up. It has Spiderman on it and I picked him out all by myself.



These are my AFOs (Ankle Foot Orthotics). They help keep my feet nice and flat so that my feet can go in shoes! I don't mind wearing them. They also have Spiderman, to match my TLSO.

My Tomato Seat

This is my special Tomato seat. I don't know why they call it a tomato, it's not even red! It supports me, along with my Hensinger and my TLSO, so that I am able to sit up.

My Trapeze

These are my arm and leg slings. They help me move my arms and legs in ways that I can't with out them. They take away gravity and I can move a lot more.

My High/Low Snug Seat Chair

This is my new seat. I use it for playtime and sitting up nice & straight. It even says my name on the tray!

My Giraffe Stander

This is my stander. I use this to help bone density, motility, and just to have a different perspective in my world.

My Kid Kart Express

It is a great stroller and even has places for all of my machines. It DEFINITELY made my traveling to school and doctors appointments.