Austin, My Brother
Page 3



Oh well, we are all doing it

Our family hands

Getting my face painted

I am completely painted


Camping wears me out

Making icing

OK, what is next

My masterpiece

Checking out Big Blue

Go cheerleaders

Roman's party

Bouncing away

I'm so cool

Sloan and I

At King's Island

At the fountain

Ready for fun

Fairly Odd Roller Coaster

Holding Roman on Blue

Hey Arnold

It's Sponge Bob

Buzzed haircut

Brothers & Buddies forever

Carmel & Me

Don't hit me!


Knock out SMA

Cute Brothers

Punch you out!

Have you ever seen two cuter boys?!?!

Dad and me

I love Carmel

First day of football practice
I'm number 28

Doing warm-ups

Waiting for more drills

Go, Austin, Go

Get the ball, no one will notice

Waiting patiently

Listening carefully to instructions!

Jody Meeks and I

Roman, McGruff, and I

My first game!

I'm #16 on the blue side

At my football game

Our family

Family Shot

All at the farm