Age 1
Page 10
Pumpkin CarvIng


Noooo, don't do it!

Isn't it a bit slimy??

You're crazy Dad

Goofy Austin

Crazy bunch of people

Alley getting messy

Thomas playing in the pumpkin

What is this?

Working hard

Cleaning out my pumpkin

I'll get it out

More seeds


Very scary, Alley

Want some of my seeds?

I'm going to put some on your nose!

Here, eat this!

Slimy Mommy

Austin's pumpkin

Thomas' Pumpkin

Alley's Pumpkin

Mommy and I drawing on my pumpkin

My pumpkin

Carving my pumpkin

I'm tired, you take over


Shall we dance?

Ganging up on grandma

Having fun

This was hard work, but it looks great

The pumpkin gang

Double Trouble

Alley's hat

Everyone wearing hats

Our pumpkins all lit up

Cute crew

Mom is all done

Chillin with my crew