Age 1
Page 18 - Center for Courageous KIds

MJ & Jenna

Austin is drawing

Austin's hands

Watching my big brother

Haley doing crafts

Lizzy has a butterfly


Austin checking on me

Austin is the best big brother ever

See, he does my Range of Motion

Mary in her pink hat and shades

MJ getting painted

Making faces at each other

MJ's colorful hand


Austin painting his hand

Mommy's pink hand

MJ is laughing at mommy

MJ, Beth and her purple hand, & Austin

Our family hands

Dad is painting his hand now

Look at my turtle

Our hands on the tree


I have a turtle on my face

I like my turtle, now I am tired!

Is it Spidey?

We are sad that camp is over

But are happy that the walk is coming up soon


Ben and Lizzy

Ben made a chain for Lizzy

Sleepy Roman

Spiderman seems unsure

Yes, you want what???

Thumbs up!!

Going for a swim

Swimming with Mary

Holding Mary's hand

Such a sad face

Taking a break

Dinner time

Swimming with Chase

Shooting some hoops with dad

Swimming with daddy