Age 2
Page 10


LJ and I

Posing with Aunt Vicki

Thomas and I hanging out

Uncle Jay and I

What are we doing?

I'm ready now!

Stretching to pin the tail

I did it

Haley and I

Going up

On the bus for first time

Bye mommy!

Are we there yet

Ready for school

Hmmm, when do you think art class will start

Got anything more exciting?

Computer we're talking

Tummy time

Me and my friends

Reading a book

All dressed up

Dad playing football

Fall photo shoot with Amy

Me and my pals


Are we done yet?

Me and my doggy

Watching the hibachi cook

Posing with Alley

Family Shot

Such a bad boy

Wearing my Spongebob bandana

This is such hard work

Looking so grown up

Attack of the stuffed creatures

Standing up in the world