Age 2
Page 17


Are we done yet?

Thomas and his pumpkin

Playing in pumpkin guts

Alley & her cat

Look at my pumpkin

My pumpkin lit up

I'm Two and a half!

Mommy, this is really boring

See, the block says I'm getting closer to 3!

I'm the best gift ever

Growing up

What is black and white and red all over??

I'm super tall!

How cute am I?

Our family, minus Austin :(

I love my Mommy

Alley, Aunt Denise, and Thomas

Aunt Denise and I

Getting ready to leave Gi's

Thanksgiving sure is tiring

Working on the Eco at school

Snack time

Hanging out with Austin

Growing up

Mommy & Me - November 2009

Wearing Amy's glasses

Stretching on my therapy ball

Whew, that is tiring

Just relaxing


Prince Charming - That's Me!

Little Stud

Monkeying around