Age 2
Page 23


And he scores...

I'm a star

Do I have to get up already?

We are so super cool...

Posing for the camera

My buddy Chase

Let's get this party started

Ice cream and cake....

Our family camping photo

HaHa, HeHe, You'll Never Catch Me

Yet another clue...
Who stole the s'mores???

Is it time for more crafts?

Let me help....

Mary is painting a plane

Alton watching his family paint

Thomas and Matt

Look at that concentration

Painting lots of little shapes

A clover for Amy


Look at all my shapes

My necklace from grandma

Austin painting his car

Hanging out with MJ, Ali, and Brenda

Mommy and MJ

Here comes Alex

MJ is taking my picture

Here comes Nick

Emma is coming too

MJ showing off her camera to Ed

Mary is done riding the horse

Thomas is ready to ride

Here I go

Faster, faster

I don't want to get off...

MJ and Brenda watched me on the horse

Hanging with Chase

Thomas, Roman & Austin ready to solve the mystery

Lizzy is out to have some fun

We solved the mystery

Dani came to say hi

Austin is showing us the puzzle

Nick having fun in the gym

Reading to go swimming

Mom, this water is cold