Age 3
Page 10


With Austin in the pool

Hanging out

At one of my preschools

Trying to pay attention but Mommy keeps taking my picture

With Miss Megan

Let's drive

Got my switches

Wait...Don't you belong at the other preschool?

Handsome Dude

I want that sign!!

Daddy came to school!

Let's go, I don't want to be late

Floor time

I get to ride on the elevator

At Austin & Thomas' football game

Alley and I cheering

Go Chargers!!!!!!!!

Music time

Group time

Are you bored, Daddy?

Big boy

I love school

Cincinnati Reds Game Day



Who are these people?

Mommy, quit drooling!

Keep your fuzz out of my mouth

Oh no! He swallowed Austin

Whew, he's alright

Mrs. Red & me

What should I be for Halloween?

Can't decide between Buzz and Woody

At school

Playing at the sand table, one of my favorites

School picture 2010

School picture in color

Happy Haunted Halloween

Scary bunch