Age 3
Page 12


Super Chase

Tinkerella Leah & Me

SpongeNick, Devil Alley, & Cowgirl Emma

What's the score?

Emma & me

School Halloween

Trick or Treat

Give me something good

I love this day

Getting some candy for Mommy

Can I have all of it?

I'm one tired Woody

I found my Jessie

More candy

Found my BoPeep too

My class

Story time

My friends



It's party time

My Sister Sarah band

Mommy's favorite little dance partner


Chase & Friends

Chase's benefit friends

Let's party

Mommy & I

Grandma's Boy


Leah, Chase, & I

Leah & her Mommy, Nikki

Triple Trouble

"Hey Roman"

Happy Thanksgiving

Grandma, me, & Gi

Gi rocking the wig

Grandma's boys

Mommy loves me