Age 4
Page 13


Working really hard

Making cookies

Icing the cookies

Sprinkles to make them sweet...Just like me!

All finished! Don't they look yummy?

Thank you Secret Santa Bundy's for my gifts

What should he wear now?

UK is the best

Working with my slings and magnets

Help! I'm stuck together!

Spongebob PJs

Go Bengals!!!!!!!!

Our gingerbread house

Bring it on

My beautiful girlfriend, Karah

My Christmas gifts from Karah & her family

My present to Karah was a smelly monkey. Don't worry, it smells yummy

My shades from Karah

I'm such a stud


At Noodles & Co with Leah and MJ

Karah, my girlfriend

With Karah

Oh, our mom's are crazy

My last adventure out before spinal surgery

Go Wildcats!

Time for my PICC line placement

Ready for growth rod surgery

Opening night for baseball

My team, the Pirates

Hanging out with Karah


Emma, Karah, and I

My recovery after surgery

Back to school I go!

My preschool picture