Age 4
Walt Disney World & FSMA Conference 2011



What is it?

Thomas and I

It's MJ

Mommy, Ali, and me

Our family

Grandma and I

Grandma, Mommy, and me

Done swimming

My friend, Nolan

The welcome party at the FSMA Conference



Carnival games

With Addison

Addison and Veronica

Loving this


I'm a ladies man, just don't tell Karah

More games

Let's win

Watching everything going on around me

Our family

Mommy talking to Nora's mom and nurse


In the clouds

All of us

With my girls

Just me

Brenda and MJ

Handsome boy

On the boardwalk

Ready for Day 6

In the play room

Sitting with MJ during the Type 1 Experience meeting

Scary Austin