Birth to Age 1
Page 3


Mommy and I

No more pictures, please


Posing for more pictures

Snuggling with grandma

Looking at Grandma

Aunt Kim

Kevin, Sean, Kim, and I

Tara, Sophie, and I


Desiree, Luke, and I

Hugging mom!

Danielle and I

Lounging with Thomas

Joey and I

Hi Grandma

Jay, Tara, Vickie, Matt, Kim
(dad's brother and sisters)

 Vickie and I

Meg, Madison, Jay and I

Sleeping on mommy's shoulder

Washing my hair

Look at all these lights


We are the cutest brothers


What are you doing over there?

Doggie kisses

Will you read me a story?

Good story, put me to sleep

Shh, mommy is sleeping