Ryan & Jorie!


First time holding new Sis!


Ryan holding his newborn sis.


Giving Jorie a kiss...



Jorie's first ride


One of Mom's favorites!


Laying on the floor together


Playing in Mom & Dad's bed


Jorie giving Ryan a kiss


Sitting in Great-Grandpa's rocking chair


I love my little sister!


Jorie with Ryan in the pool, June 2003


Ryan & Jorie, June 2003


Ryan holding Jorie tight


Having fun in the sun!


Sitting in the front yard together


Ryan reading to Jorie


All dressed up!


Smiling big on Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving 2003


Eating dinner together.


Christmas Pictures, 2003


Giving Jorie a Christmas kiss


Ryan & Jorie posing for a picture


Playing in the snow!  January 2004


Helping Daddy wash the truck!


Easter of 2004


Ryan & Jorie playing outside


Playing outside


Big Bro & Little Sis


Pulling Sissy in the wagon


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