Progress Report: January 8, 2002

Developmental Therapy Six Month Progress Report for period: 10/19/01 to 1/19/02

Crystal Allbritton     DOB: 7/18/99

Crystal Allbritton is a 29.5-month-old female diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy. She is seen in her daycare environment for developmental therapy. Sessions occur one time a week for sixty minutes. Crystal also receives physical, occupational, and speech therapies, as well as social work services through the First Steps program.

Progress: Crystal tolerates therapy well. Occasionally she will resist play, but is often very cooperative. She shows particular interest in dramatic play with dolls or a dollhouse. She also enjoys blowing bubbles from a regular bubble wand. She sorts  and matches colors. She matches identical pictures. She strings small beads independently. She squeezes glue within the limits of paper.

Crystal identifies and names objects and actions in books. She uses an increased vocabulary with increased intelligibility. She speaks with communicative intent and has begun to replace jargon with short, basic grammatical sentences. She continues to imitate language. She shows a great understanding of language. She follows directions. She answers "yes/no" and "why" questions.

Crystal is able to push her wheelchair in all directions on flat carpeted and tiled surfaces. She stands at a table, while guarded, ten to fifteen minutes. She takes ten to twenty steps forward with assistance while pushing a toy. She is able to take one or two slight steps in each direction while holding on at furniture. She rolls several times to each side. She pushes a riding toy backwards. She kicks a ball forward with assistance.

Crystal reaches at chest and forehead level consistently. She often reaches with one hand while propping herself with the other hand. She has shown the ability to reach above her head with both hands in order to put a necklace on. She throws small objects forward into containers.

Crystal scoops food with a spoon. She is able to bring food to her mouth without turning the spoon over. She jabs food with a fork, but takes food off of the fork with her fingers to eat. She drinks from a sipper cup. She washes and dries her hands with assistance.

Recommendations: Crystal will continue to benefit from ongoing developmental therapy. Sessions will continue one time a week for sixty minutes pending team approval.

Goals: Point to several colors when named.
  Recite a few simple nursery rhymes.
  Snip with adaptive scissors.
  Increase use of entire hand.
  Play interactive games.
  Take socks off.
  Blow bubbles, whistles.

Developmental therapist will also reinforce goals set by Crystal's Physical, occupational, and speech therapist.

Jill Cannon, RN (Developmental Specialist, First Steps)

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