Developmental Therapy

with Jill Cannon

This is actually a new therapy play that Jill came up with just last week. Crystal is leaning on the chair, but weight bearing most of her body for her legs and good bone and joint development. It is so hard to get these children up on their feet and they have a good time. I was ecstatic as I entered the room and seen this. 
Lite-Brite is great for pinching and arm and shoulder reaching. She loves sitting in this chair because it is the perfect height for her to reach and sometimes stand.
Jill also finds different activities for Crystal to do at the table while she stands. On the average, Jill reports she stands for 10-15 minutes each time.
This is Crystal and Jill's fun play, where a lot of daily life skills are applied. She concentrates a lot on Crystal's love for babies. She dresses them, brushes their hair, feeds them, and takes their shoes off and on...Now Crystal is asking to write with Jill's new "color crayon" markers.
Then of course there is lots to do while sitting too. Jill helps Crystal strengthen her trunk muscles while she asks her to sit up tall so she is not slouching. Crystal does have nonstructural (functional) scoliosis due to muscle weakness.

Crystal's new goal is to master reaching up high while standing. She gets up there but it is still quite hard for her.

Jill is very creative with getting Crystal to use her hands in different range of motions.

Progress Reports: January 3, 2001
  June 27, 2001
  October 29, 2001
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