Progress Report: June 27, 2001

Developmental Therapy Annual Progress Report for Period: 4/19/01 to 7/18/01

Crystal Allbritton is a 23.5 month-old female who is seen for developmental therapy one time a week for sixty minutes in her daycare setting. Therapy has been consistent throughout this report period. Crystal also receives services from occupational and physical therapists, and has recently begun working with a speech therapist.


        Crystal is a very happy and social child. She particularly enjoys dramatic play with her dolls. She jabbers tunefully and constantly as she plays. She primarily uses her voice in conjunction with pointing or gesturing to communicate her wants and needs. She ahs, however, begun to use an expressive and intelligible vocabulary of ten to twenty words. She imitates environmental sounds and attempts to sing phrases of songs. Per parent report: she is able to point to six or more body parts when named. She answers simple questions and follows simple directions, such as, "Clean up."

        Crystal rolls consistently from supine (on her back) to a side-lying position. She rolls prone to supine (belly to back) slowly, but can do so independently. She requires more assistance and encouragement to roll supine to prone. She sits, without support, for extended periods of time. She is able to bear weight on one hand in sitting, while twisting to pick a toy up with her other hand. Crystal maintains head control in sitting, but loses control when she leans forward or back. She stands at the table independently, but guarded, for periods of ten to twenty minutes. She will occasionally shift her weight in standing. She enjoys rocking on a horse or in the "boat," and is able to stabilize her trunk when performing these activities.

Crystal reaches consistently at shoulder level, but is able to reach at the level of her forehead. She attempts to reach above her head to brush her hair or put on a small hat, but often needs assistance to complete the task as she reaches past her forehead level. She uses a neat pincer grasp to pick up tiny objects. She grasps a crayon adaptively to scribble and turns two to three pages at a tie in a cardboard book. She enjoys pulling playdough apart. She uses a spoon to transfer small objects from one container to another. She is able to hold a cup using two hands.


Due to the amount of therapy Crystal is now receiving, I would like to recommend decreasing developmental therapy to two times a month for up to sixty minutes. Developmental therapy will continue to reinforce physical, occupational, and speech therapies. Sessions will also focus on encouraging development in each of Crystal's developmental areas and will include such activities as:  

  • body part identification

  • matching simple shapes (circle, triangle, square), colors, and identical pictures

  • puzzles

  • music and fingerplays

  • books 

  • riding a toy without pedals

  • rocking on a toy

  • pushing a push toy while in a standing position

  • building blocks 

  • stringing large beads

  • art 

  • interactive games with classmates

  • removing shoes and socks

  • placing a hat on and taking it off

Crystal's mother and daytime caregivers will be encouraged to participate when possible, in play activities in order to follow through with developmentally appropriate play ideas.

Jill Cannon, RN Developmental Specialist, First Steps Evansville ARC Child Life Center

I bolded the first sentence to the last paragraph to draw your attention to an example of the kind of problems I was having with Crystal's past both OT and PT. Crystal was having a period of fatigue and crankiness. I was trying to talk to the therapist to get their feelings on what all could be causing this. At the same time I was desperately looking at her schedule and her diet to see what was going on to have been effecting her so drastically. Well, before the IFSP meeting OT and PT got together without me and decided she was getting therapied out!! They also without consoling me convinced Jill to reduce Crystal's therapy times! I was very angry at this. They were definitely over stepping their boundaries there. The IFSP meeting went well and I was able to get them to see that their were too many possibilities causing her fatigue. But nevertheless if therapy needs to be reduced then it should be reduced at home and not with the trained therapists.

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