Progress Report: March 3, 2002

Developmental Therapy Progress Report Prepared for EVSC (Evansville Vanderburgh School Corp) Transition Meeting

Crystal Allbritton     DOB: 7/18/99

Crystal Allbritton is a 31.5-month-old female who is currently seen in her home for developmental therapy. Sessions occur one time a week for sixty minutes. Crystal has been involved in developmental therapy since October 13, 2000.

Progress: Crystal thoroughly enjoys dramatic play and is most willing to attempt difficult tasks when her "baby" is involved. She is able to pretend with or without small props. She is able to match identical and similar pictures. She sorts colors. She is beginning to identify named colors, but is inconsistent in doing so.

Crystal uses language with communicative intent. She uses short sentences to communicate all of her wants and needs. she is becoming more intelligible, as consonant sounds and word are becoming clearer. She shows an understanding of complex sentences. She answers questions and follows directions. She shows an understanding of one and two. 

Crystal often sits in a child-sized chair, on a small step stool, or on the floor to play. She exhibits good trunk control in sitting, but is guarded in case of falling forward or back. She is able to stand, at furniture, unsupported, but guarded, for ten to fifteen minutes. She cruises furniture, one to two steps, in each direction, with assistance. She takes several steps forward, with adult assistance, while pushing her walker or a baby carriage. Crystal is able to hold her head up briefly in a supported prone position with weight on her forearms. She is able to move forward on ride toys, but uses her trunk, instead of her feet, to do so.

Crystal supinates her hand ninety degrees with encouragement to do so. She uses a neat pincer grasp for most tasks, but will utilize all of her fingers when given tasks that require her to do so. She uses squeeze scissors with each hand. She extends her elbow to reach at and above her chest level. She squeezes glue within paper limits. She throws small objects forward.

Crystal indicates the need to toilet. She sits on a potty with adult assistance and will sometimes eliminate. She washes and dries her hands with adult assistance. She is able to get her socks and braces off independently.

Thank you for allowing me to work with this child. Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Jill Cannon, RN (Developmental Specialist, First Steps)


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