Progress Report for May 2, 2002:

Developmental Therapy
Report period: 3/5/02 to 4/30/02

Child's name: Crystal Allbritton     DOB: 7/18/99

Crystal Allbritton is a 33.5-month-old female who is seen in her home for developmental therapy. Sessions occur one time a week for sixty minutes. Crystal also receives ongoing First Steps services from physical, occupational, and speech therapists.

Progress: Crystal pushes to standing from sitting (in a chair) independently. She is able to walk forward, backwards, and sideways, in a tub filled with water at her shoulder level. She is able to stand, at a table, independently for several minutes at a time. She is also able to take several steps forward with support. However, she has recently been standing for a few seconds ata time before asking to sit down. She has also shown an increased reluctance to walk during developmental therapy sessions. Per parent report, "I had her taking Creatine again a few weeks ago. I started noticing a decrease in her strength and have taken her off of it since." Crystal enjoys shifting her weight back and forth to music. She states, "I dancing!" during this activity. She rides a riding toy forward by pushing with her feet and shifting her trunk forward.

Crystal is able to open her entire hand, extending all fingers, to perform certain tasks. She prefers to use her index and middle fingers to perform most tasks, while her other fingers are more flexed. She is able to supinate her wrist half-way over, but prefers to keep it in a pronated position to perform most tasks. She raises her arms to chest level consistently and at or above head level when necessary. She squeezes glue, using one or two hands. She pulls silly putty apart with tow hands.

Crystal uses basic grammatical sentences intelligibly. She uses nouns, verbs, adjectives, and pronouns in her speech. She uses "mine" and "no" appropriately to defend her possessions. She answers many "yes/no" and "wh" questions appropriately. She points to colors inconsistently when they are named. She shows inconsistent understanding of the boy/girl concept. She blows bubbles. She engages spontaneously in elaborate pretend play.

Recommendations: Continue developmental therapy one time a week for sixty minutes.


  • Point to several colors consistently when named.

  • Continue to increase vocabulary and use of intelligible sentences.

  • Answer name and age questions

  • Increase standing time during play.

  • Cruise furniture.

  • Take several steps with support.

  • Step up on small step.

  • Increase toleration of prone position in play.

  • Supinate hand more frequently during activities.

  • Imitate block forms (train, bridge).

  • Snip consecutively with scissors.

  • Zip and unzip; button and unbutton.

Thank you for allowing me to work with this child.

Jill Cannon, RN
Developmental Specialist, First Steps


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