Progress Report: October 29, 2001

Developmental Therapy Quarterly Progress Report for period: 7/19/01 to 10/19/01

Crystal Allbritton    DOB: 7/18/99

Crystal Allbritton is a 27-month-old female who is currently seen for developmental therapy in her daycare environment. Sessions occur one time a week for up to sixty minutes. Her father began participating in play sessions at the beginning of August. Crystal also receives speech, occupational, and physical therapies, as well as dietary and social work services through First Steps.


Crystal has recently begun to resist play with the developmental therapist, as she firmly asserts her independence. She has begun to show a like and dislike for certain people and objects. She is self-directed and will eventually engage in play of her choice. She is particularly interested in dramatic play. She cooks in the kitchen and plays with farm animals. She especially enjoys feeding and talking to her doll. She also enjoys art with crayons, markers, and paint, and has begun to sing sounds an d some words to songs.

Crystal primarily uses jargon mixed with words and pointing to communicate. She uses increased consonant sounds in her speech. Her language has communicative intent and she becomes frustrated at times when she is not understood. She shows an understanding of language, as she follows directions and answers questions. She identifies nouns and actions consistently from a book. She identifies many body parts on a doll. She identifies colors inconsistently. She asks for help when she needs it. She uses, "No!" "Mine!" and "Stop!" to defend her possessions. She imitates words, environmental sounds, and short phrases.

Crystal began working in her wheelchair at the end of July. She is able to push her chair forward and backward on tiled and flat carpeted surfaces. She turns the chair and is able to maneuver it, to obtain wanted toys. She exhibits increased trunk control in her chair. She is able to lean completely forward and further to each side in order to obtain toys. She also sits in a toddler chair at the table to play. She is able to stand at a table, while guarded, for fifteen to twenty minutes during play. She takes a few assisted steps forward, while holding a baby carriage at chest level. She sits on a rocking horse and independently uses her trunk to rock it back and forth. She pushes a riding toy backward independently and forward with assistance. She resists rolling, but does so occasionally without assistance.

Crystal reaches more consistently at chest and forehead level. She reaches with an extended elbow. She uses a neat pincer grasp. She holds a crayon or pen with her thumb and fingers. She scribbles circularly and imitates a vertical crayon stroke. She places four to six small pegs into a pegboard. She is able to stack ten blocks. She nests four cups. She pulls pegs out of a foam board.


Continue developmental therapy one time a week for up to sixty minutes. Therapy will continue in Crystal's daycare environment and will promote developmentally appropriate activities for Crystal.

Jill Cannon, RN Developmental Specialist, First Steps Evansville ARC Child Life Center


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