All in one Range of Motion technique: very effective.

In one continuous motion, follow these positions:

Lower Extremities

From: Hip:  Abducted  Toward: Hip: Abducted
    Extended     Flex
    Internally rotated     External rotated
  Knee: Extended   Knee: Flex
  Ankle: plantar flex   Ankle: Dorsiflex
    everted     inverted

Upper Extremities

From: Shoulder: Abducted Toward: Shoulder: Adducted
    Extended     Flex
    Internally rotated     Externally rotated
  Elbow: Extended   Elbow: Flex
  Forearm: Pronated   Forearm: Supinated
  Wrist: Ulnarly deviated   Wrist: Radially deviated
    Extended     Flex
  Thumb: Abducted/ Extended   Thumb: Adducted/Flex
    Retroposition     Opposition
  Fingers: Extended   Fingers: Flex

This Range of Motion technique was created by: Conrad de Jesus!



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