Physical Therapy!

with Conrad de Jesus

One of the ways that Conrad trains me with his knowledge is by providing me either literature or hand written, step by step instructions. I will pass this and any other information concerning physical care on to you:

Scoliosis: What it is and different classifications of it.
Scoliosis: What can be done about it?
Scoliosis: Parents views
May 15, 2002: Testimony of physical and scoliosis achievement.
Pulled elbow: What it is and suggestions for treatment
Genu Valgum (Knock-Knee)
Combination Range of Motion technique: hitting several ROMs with the same workout.
Joints and their movements.
Letter of expectations for qualifying physical therapist
Progress Report
Progress Report: May 20, 2002
Range of Motion Listing with diagrams.
Handle your child with care

Scooting is always a good exercise.
ROM: Dorsiflexion.
Good reaching! Also exercises supination/pronation.
Throwing is a great way to build arm and shoulder strength.
Conrad also likes to use different activities to keep Crystal excited while standing and bending forward to complete a task.

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