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First Steps Early Intervention System Physical Therapy Progress notes

Child's Name:  Crystal Allbritton
Date of Birth:  July 18, 1999
Today's Date:  January 14, 2002
Service Coordinator:  Terry Rizen
   Physical Therapist: Conrad De Jesus
Treatment Diagnosis: Spinal Muscular Atrophy
  Delayed Gross Motor Development

SUBJECTIVE: Parents main concern is Crystal's functional mobility.

ASSESSMENT: She able to tolerate all Physical Therapy exercises, stretching, Range of Motion with quick stretch technique to stimulate muscle contraction.

Desire outcome/Prognosis:

  1. Improve motor control of stability and movement patterns.

  2. Caregiver will be able to follow the home exercise program independently.


  1. Will be able to improve balance upon standing and tolerate standing activities well without knees hyperextension. 

  2. Will be able to response well upon muscle stimulation.

  3. To correct posture and prevent/delay its progress.

  4. To increase functional mobility.

PLAN: Continue skilled PT for neurodevelopmental techniques incorporate with play therapy, therapeutic exercise/activities, therapeutic massage, stretching, gait training and caregiver education for 45 minutes for twice a week.

Conrad De Jesus RPT, Early Intervention Specialist

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