What should Caregivers Watch For?

In some patients, there is no outward signor symptom of a swallowing problem. However, other patients give clear signals that they are having difficulty swallowing. Most common signs of a swallowing problem include: 

  coughing while eating or drinking or very soon after eating or drinking; 

  wet sounding voice during or after eating;

  increased congestion in the chest after eating or drinking;

  slow eating;

  multiple swallows on a single mouthful of food;

  obvious extra effort or difficulty while chewing or swallowing;

  fatigue or shortness of breath while eating;

  temperature rise 30 minutes to an hour after eating; 

  weight loss associated with increased slowness in eating;

  repetitive pneumonias;

If you see any of these signs or symptoms of a swallowing problem, you should bring it to the attention of the patient's physician or seek a swallowing therapist, usually a speech-language pathologist, for evaluation.



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