Speech Therapy!

with Katrina Newkirk

Katrina is real creative with working with the rest of the therapy team and will actually work Crystal while they talk. Neat huh!

Progress Report 10/19/01  

Progress Report 1/11/02
Progress Report 5/22/02
Indirect language stimulation techniques
Parent-child interaction language techniques 
Speech and Language for an 18-month old
Speech and Language for a 2-year old
Check to see if your child has a speech problem
Swallowing Disorders: What families should know
What is a swallowing disorder?
Helping patients with swallowing disorders
Alternative means of feeding
What the family can do to help (Swallowing Disorders)
Normal swallowing
Types of swallowing problems 
What should the caregiver watch for?
Dangers of a swallowing problem
Causes of Swallowing Problems
How can the swallowing problem be evaluated?
What treatments are available?
What can the caregiver do to help?
How to find a Swallowing Therapist
Diagram of the anatomy of swallowing
Dysphagia: What is it?
Swallowing Problems/Dysphagia checklist
Funny Faces



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