Speech and Language of the Eighteen Month Old!

At age eighteen months, your child:

  •  uses 10 to 20 words, including names hears well and discriminates among many sounds recognizes pictures of familiar persons and objects combines two words such as "all gone," "Daddy bye-bye". 

  • Uses words to make wants known such as "more," "up". Imitates words and sounds more precisely. 

  • Points and gestures to call attention to an event or to show wants. 

  • Points to his or her toes, eyes, and nose. 

  • Brings familiar object from another room when asked

  • Turns pages of a book a few at a time

  • follows simple commands

  • waves "bye-bye"

  • imitates housework: wiping up spills, setting table

  • makes a tower of 3 to 4 cubes

  • knows and says the names of 5 things

  • hums and may sing simple tunes 

You can stimulate you 18 month old child's speech by:

  • reading books to your child frequently

  • talking simply, clearly, and slowly to your child

  • providing experiences to stimulate speech and language development in your child: take walks, go shopping, plant a garden, have a picnic, clean the house or yard together

  • talking about new situations before you go, while you're there, and again when you are home

  • looking at your child when he or she talks to you 

  • imitating and identifying sounds with your child, such as dogs barking, birds singing, fire sirens, squeaky doors, running water

  • describing what your child is doing, feeling, hearing 

  • making speaking and listening experiences pleasant, worthwhile, and fun for your child

  • letting the child listen to children's records or tapes

  • praising the child's efforts to communicate



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