Speech and Language of the two year old

At age two, you child:

  • listens for the meaning of words, not just sounds

  • understands simple questions and commands

  • identifies body parts

  • uses mainly names of things, actions, persons and situations in his or her language.

  • carries on "conversation" with self and dolls

  • asks "what's this?", "what's that ?" and "where's my?"

  • sentence length is composed of 2-3 words

  • refers to self by name

  • names pictures

  • uses 2-word negative phrases such as "not go", "not right", "no want"

  • forms some plurals by adding "s"; book, books

  • has around 300 words in speaking vocabulary 

  • builds an 8-block tower

  • asks for drink, toilet, food

  • listens to stories with pictures

  • stays with one activity 6-7 minutes

You can stimulate your two-year-old's speech and language by:

  • reading books with simple colorful pictures

  • being a good speech model

  • repeating new words over and over

  • helping your child listen and follow instructions by playing games: "pick up the ball," "touch Daddy's nose"

  • talking about what you are doing

  • playing records with your child

  • listening to your child when he or she is talking, never saying, "I don't understand you."

  • praising the child for telling you some of the things he or she is doing and for the child's efforts at saying things

  • taking the child on excursion trips and talking about what you see

  • carrying on a conversation with him/her

  • asking questions to stimulate additional thought and language



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