If you think your child has a speech problem!

Your child's speech sounds will develop as he grows. A baby makes early vocalizations around two or three months, babbles around 6 months and uses jargon from about 18 months to 30 months. The majority of sounds a 3-year-old makes should be normal. Although he may not use all sounds correctly, he should be intelligible to strangers.

Summary of Speech Sound Development

  • Age        Consonants

  • 3                 m, n, ng, p, f, h, w

  • 3 1/2          y (as in yes)

  • 4                 k, b, d, g, r

  • 4 1/2          s, sh (as in shoe), ch (as in chair)

  • 6                 t, v, l, th, (as in thin)

  • 7                 z, zh (measure), th (father), j (jump)

You can help your child talk clearer by:

  • being a good speech model for your child. Don't use baby talk

  • pronouncing words clearly, slowly and correctly for your child to hear and imitate

  • trying to look at your child when you both are talking

  • letting the child watch your face, lips and tongue as you form sounds and words prolonging the speech sound the child has difficulty saying, such as "where is your sssock?"

  • repeating new words and sounds over and over. Use them often in your conversation with the child

  • making a scrapbook with the child. Cut out and paste pictures of objects the child learns to say or recognize

  • praising the child when sounds are correct, especially if the sounds were previously difficult for the child

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