Hayden: Son of Tina & Ian MacIntyre

Jared: Son of Lee & Karen Watson

Courtney Canfield: Type 2/3 daughter of Jennifer Easton and Michael Canfield. Niece of Rhea Canfield.
1. He is quite charming.
Chelsey: Daughter to Stephanie Baker
Nicole and Alexa: Daughters of Peter and Julie Dectis
Brooke: Daughter to Susan Bausell and Mark Malone
Tony: Son to Carrie and Tony Ellis.
This is Amy Marquez. She is type 1. This is her husband Steve and her biological daughter, Danielle.
Chessa: Is 6 years old. Her parents are Cheryl Marko and Robert Birrell. 
Ashley: Daughter of Jenny & Tommy Bruner. She is 3 years old with type 2.
This is Karen's daughter with Crystal.
Hannah: Daughter of Michelle & Rich Soyer
Chelsey: Daughter to Stephanie Baker
Austin: Son of Paul and Angie Goluba.
After the show at "Medieval Times"
We had a wonderful time. This is an awesome restaurant.
Crystal and Courtney had lots of fun together.
Garrett: Audrey's 19-year-old son with type 2. He helped many with his Accessible Housing workshop.
Tony loves having his older brother, James, cruise with him through the halls of the hotel.
Crystal and Courtney again.
Bernie is trying to be funny. With Mom and Dad. (Ed and Bettylou Ross)
Flowers for Audrey. Thank you for everything you have done.
He received this award for his efforts into fundraising.
Award for all of his efforts for FSMA and the research to find a cure.
Jacob struck gold after the carnival.
The King from Medieval Times.
Here are half of the royal Knights. I personally thought the yellow was adorable.
The conference is now over and we are all exhausted.
Arianna: Daughter of Rebecca Cloutier
Frances: Daughter of Linda Isbell, has two brothers: Timothy and Ross. Linda's big help is her Aunt Katie Vreatt.

Here are the Researchers that are working hard to find a cure for SMA:


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