Angie and Chad sent this to me when I was first starting Crystal on the amino acid diet.


1. Formula base is Tolerex: Mix 1 and 1/2 packages of Tolerex. (450 Cal.) 2. Safflower oil: use approximately ¾ teaspoon (30 calories) mostly for fat. 3. 2 Multi Vitamin: must contain no dairy or allergens. I have purchased Solaray Children's Chewables (120 count). Crush with knife and spoon. 4. Vitamin C: used as an oxidizer. Persons vary on use between 250 and 500 mg. Either will provide more than the daily-recommended totals. I currently use 1 250mg pill when I mix with juices and I use 2 250mg pills when I mix with vegetable. I have purchased Lovites by Nature's Plus. Crush with knife and spoon. 5. Vitamin E: used as an oxidizer. Liquid form at ½ tsp. per day. Injected into g-tube. Vitamin E typically dissipates in water. 6. I use 2 capsule Acetyl L-Carnitine which is 500 mg. 7. Glutamine: L-glutamine 500mg, add 3 capsules per day. I purchase Solaray. 8. Amino 75: 600 milligrams of amino acids. I add 2 capsule per day. I have purchased Solgar. Do not use an amino acid base that contains whey. 9. Calcium Citrate: I use 1 capsule at 250 milligrams per day (1 pill). I purchase Solaray with vitamin D added (better for absorption). 10. I use 1 Vitamin B12 in Folic acid. Comes as a pill I crush in his formula. This is also by Solaray.

** Note ** All capsules should be separated and poured into formula.

Add all necessary ingredients into 2 quart container. Add approximately 8 oz (120 - 160 calories) of 100% pure juice. I like Welch's white grape or any type of "clear" juice (pear, apple, apple cherry, apple sweet potato, apple prune or cherry). Use a "carrot" juice such as apple carrot every few days for the beta-carotene. You may have to experiment with types and brands of juices. Heat the juice before adding for easier mixing. Lastly add approximately 36 ounces of heated water. Use water to make up appropriate amount of solution. The only nutritional substance I feel Ethan is lacking is Selenium. I tried Selenium in his diet once and his secretions increased so I discontinued.

It has been many parents experience that each child is unique and you will have to experiment with different juices and brands until you get the right combination. You can generally tell if something isn't right by the amount of secretions. These children should get NO dairy. Everything you use should be a "natural" supplement. I would recommend buying a Nutritional Almanac that outlines the basic values children use.

PLEASE remember this is what I use for Ethan. Most Nutritionists will think your nuts for only giving them this many calories, but it works. This is what the "older" kids have used and continue to gain weight etc… I can help you if you have questions!!!


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