This is information I received from Mary Bodzo concerning the amino acid diet!

I'm happy to share info about the diet that I use with my Daughter, Krista. She has been on the diet for about 7 years and it has totally changed her quality of life in every way! I'm so glad you are considering it with your daughter Crystal. Krista is a type 2 diagnosed at 9 months. She is a weak type 2 having never crawled or stood. She did roll as an infant and lift her head. There are stronger type 2's that follow the diet with good results also. I use Tolerex for the base of her "drink". I mix this up each morning and she sips it throughout the day. She is getting one and a half packs mixed with 8 oz. of cherry juicy juice and 8 oz. of Tropicana Orange juice enriched with calcium. This is the kind not from concentrate. I also add 4 oz. of water. I also add Cal-Mag citrate with vitamin D, 200 IU of vitamin E, 6.5 grams of glutamine fuel powder (but this would be too much for a 2 year old). The dosage is 200-300mg. per kg. of weight, 500mg. of Acetyl-L-carntine. Some additional amino acids with Amino 75 capsule, 15mg. of zinc 3 times a week 15 mg. of gentle iron, and a multi-vitamin. Krista also eats fruits and vegetables and pasta. And of course dairy free cookies and chips and some other junk foods. Her mix would not be the right amount of vitamins and minerals for Crystal. I suggest you buy a book called Nutrition Almanac. It has good charts in it with the RDA for children. We just try to make sure they get the RDA that is suggested for healthy kids for most vitamins and minerals. I use the juice in the mixture for extra calories and potassium. (this is very important) and to make the taste acceptable (although it is still pretty yucky.) Over the years we have added extra things like COQ10 and a small amount of creatine. We all make our mix a little different. The critical thing is not to overload with the amino acids! This could be dangerous. Our kids don't have the muscle to absorb the amino's and they can easily build up. The kids get their protein from the amino acids and we avoid proteins from food. We believe they're allergic to the proteins from food and this causes them to get sick and weak. They usually have quite an improvement in strength once this diet is implemented.

Don't let the dietician talk you into a lot of the Tolerex. She shouldn't be on more than 1-1 and a half packs a day. That is enough carbs and protein (in amino acid form), especially if she is eating and drinking some other things. Remember, the Tolerex also needs to be very diluted, about twice the liquid the packet suggests. A multi-vitamin and other minerals must be added to ensure that the RDA is being met for everything. You would have to use way too much Tolerex to get enough of everything. I don't worry about the traces of protein in vegetables, this doesn't seem to bother the children like the animal sources. The amino acids in the Tolerex and the additional amino acids we add to the Tolerex mixture (drink) give them the amount of protein they need, in a form that they do not have to break down. The amino acids go straight to their blood stream and muscles. you cannot use the amino acids in large amounts, though. They can be toxic if overloaded.

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