SMA statistics:
Strength gain.

PS Did you ever read the statistic that 40% sma kids (type 2 or all, not sure?) appear to \get stronger between the ages of something like 2 and 12? To give you some perspective (not to bash what you do for your daughter), that is why some of us whose kids don't have secretion issues, don't try the diet. We think kids ARE getting stronger. I know folks say they take the kids off the diet and they see negative progress, but what is needed is a scientific CONTROLLED study. Just my thoughts....Smile , Laura

Haven't heard that stat. However, it seems to me that most of those who don't decline, get (or appear to get) somewhat stronger. Certainly this is true for Bernie. Just last week I noticed him being able to do something he couldn't a year ago, and it wasn't a thing that could be ascribed to improved control - just pulling a string on a toy to make it vibrate. And he's certainly learned to USE what he has, more effectively.

I'd be interested in hearing if you find the reference.

I'd agree more with this assessment:
- It says 'some' not 40%


Yes they do, we know that, but have no idea where you'd get written information on it.  It's not 12 though from our info.  It's that they keep increasing in strength until the age of 6 or 8 or so.  They also appear to have more strength when in fact they are just naturally getting more coordinated as in any child maturing.


I recall a researcher at one of the conferences (I believe it was Arthur Burgess - but am not certain) who talked about gains in strength. There wasn't a specific time frame that I can recall but there was a significant period of time of improving strength. I can say that over the course of the last few years, Oliver has gained more strength than I could have ever imagined. Now whether that is due to the natural course of SMA or to the diet, exercise and respiratory protocol we follow, I'm not sure. Just our personal experience. Lisa : )

Actually Dr. Bach says this at all his talks --- he has many sma kids as well as others with neuromuscular diseases that show great progress as they get older.  We have seen this in my niece -- who is a type1 (on the stronger end) and is 5 years old. 

Have you been to his site -

On the topic of strength increase...our doctor told us that if type ones survive to three or four years of age they tend to become more stable with less illnesses and increased strength. Of course they are still type ones and very weak, but hey, we'll take improvement wherever we can get it. I don't know how this applies to other types, but I've heard some parents agree that this is true.

Laura Martin

I haven't heard that, except that some children have a slow climb of always doing a little better until they eventually level out while others simply level out or decline (Dr. Crawford). Let me know what you find out.

Dear Brenda,
I was just informed that "the statistic that 40% SMA kids (type 2 or all, not sure?) appear to \get stronger between the ages of something like 2 and 12?". Has anyone else ever heard of this before?

That is correct for milder type 2 and 3s.

JB (John Bach)

Regeneration Process:
1. Total Denervation-Nerve cell usually don't regenerate, however, other neighboring axon and dendrites regenerate to stimulate other muscles. (collateral sprouting)
2. Partial denervation-Nerve cell usually regenerate thru collateral sprouting or additional synapse is developing as a compensatory reaction.
3. Pressure denervation-Nerve cell regenerate if the pressure is relieve.

Nerve regeneration depend on the stimulus and nerve condition. If the nerve is totally denervated the neighboring nerve (axon dendrites) reinnervate the totally denervated muscle. However, if there is no stimulus such as tactile, pressure vibration etc. the possible regeneration of the nerve is less likely to happen. More synapse or motor point can develop from the same nerve fiber, axon, or neuron to compensate for denervation. However all of this depend on medical condition of the person.

Conrad de Jesus

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