Age 4
Elizabeth's Photos Page 3!


Lizzy tonight getting the check from the fire department for the MDA. 
Great Job Guys!!  Thank you so much!!!!!!!! 

Sleeping Princess

I'm a princess ballerina

Caitlyn is ready to go trick or treating

Who is knocking at the door?

Look at my pumpkin

Who is outside?

What are they doing?

These are my friends building me a ramp, HOORAY!!!

Can you see my ramp, it is cool!

Thanks guys, you are the best!

Look, it is almost done!

One railing almost done

Finishing touches on that side

Look, I can go out by myself now!!!

Isn't it beautiful!!  Thank you everyone for helping me!!!

Look at my beautiful new ramp!!

Now I can run wild, Nina!

Getting serial casting to fix my feet

At Easter Seals

Hanging out with mommy

My casts!!