Age 4
Elizabeth's Photos Page 4!


Merry Christmas from
Elizabeth, Mommy, and Ho Ho


Since Elizabeth has two casts on her feet she is wearing all kinds of holiday foot wear this year!!!!!

Rachel and Lizzy
December 2007

We love our Nina!

Merry Christmas everyone!

My special leg blanket, made for me by Brenda

It's so warm!

Thank you Brenda & MJ!

"Nina, I want to sleep in my blanket, then my feet will not get cold!!"


My special gifts from Charlie and Lily!

Look what I got, magnetic paper dolls!!

Aunt Dawn & Caitlyn

Coloring Tinkerbell

Lizzy and Great Grandma

Thank you Secret Santa Lauren

I love my gifts!!!

Merry Christmas!

Lizzy smiling after her RSV shot

Thank you Aunt Rita & Uncle Jim for my sweatshirt

Enough pictures Nina!

Alright, one more smile!