Age 5

Elizabeth's Photo Page 8!



Are we going camping yet?


Follow me Ben

Chasing Ben

Hanging with the counselors

Talking their ears off

Talking with Alex & Ben

Flirting with Ben

Need more glitter

Campfire with Ben

He is playing to me

Who wants a s'more?

Chase and his mom snuggling

Emily at the campfire

Playing the guitar

I have gotten better since last year, don't you think?

Group photo: line up everyone!

Scarlett eating a snow cone

Emily looking at her dad

Emily dancing with her dad, Nate

Jacob driving his power chair

Smiley Emily

Chase sitting up


Watch out, Dani has the tape

Roman working on his stained glass

Chase and his mom's hands

Ben helping me do my stained glass

Chase is so proud of his work

Look what Ben made for me

Look at me bowl, I am sooo good

I want a strike!

Ready, set, push

Go, go, go

Jenna loves to bowl too

Emily riding a horse

Emily sitting on the horse

The Lee Family

Chase riding a horse

Chase loving horseback riding

Mary deciding if she likes the horse

Go horsey go

My turn to ride, I was born to ride!