Age 5

Elizabeth's Photo Page 9!



I am having so much fun

Keep going, giddyup!


Jacob is ready to ride

Petting the horse

Close up of Jacob

Visiting the horse, he is soooo tall

Jacob on the horse

Close up of Jacob

Rest time

The beautiful camp

Homemade Gak

Chatting with Jenna

Dani has yellow hair now

Scarlett having so much fun

Look at my painting

I want to paint more mommy

Look, Dani is driving!!

My devilish grin

I know, I am beautiful

Roman dancing

talking with Emma

Scarlett, cheezing it up

Here comes MJ

Mellie outside

Handsome Chase

My new friend Haley

The Blue Cabin at night

Mary and her mom, Kate

Movie break

Hanging out with the counselors

Emma driving around

Smiley Nick

Emma and her mom, Beth

Chase & Haley


The dance line, join in!

Everybody dance now!

Making a beaded hanging

Looking up at Ben

My butterfly face painting


Annah doing nails for others

Watch my video of CCK