Age 6

Elizabeth's Photo Page 2!


Birthday cards from Ben and his friends

Helping Dora make new friends

Making a cake

My beautiful cake

Look at my presents!

I love my gifts, thank you everyone

New clothes

Getting some help from Rachel

Mom with my 3 great-grandmas, one great grandpa, and my great aunt

Oh no, I'm scooting down in my chair

Let's get this party started

My friend Corrine

Nina's daughters: Dana, Dawn, Jessica, and mom

Time to blow out my candles

Happy Halloween

Is it time yet?

Look at the wonderful cosutmes

Do you like our pumpkins?

Learning outside

Lovely fall weather

Learning about fall weather and leaves from the trees

I love being outside

Time to learn about butterflies

When is Santa coming?

My new doll, Rebecca

Grandma Roz's Christmas tree

Sitting up

Aunt Dana and Corbyn

Look at my Fancy Nancy stuff

Mommy and Corbyn